Free Falling Waltz

by Kaleidico

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released 31 May 2013

Music, Lyrics, and Art by Kaleidico
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Kaleidico

Mastered by Carl Saff of Saff Mastering



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Good News
We want you to relax and settle in, don’t worry where you’ll be or where you’ve been. We’re here to bring good news, we’re here to bring good news

And I’ve been broken down, now I will walk the ground. We’re here to bring good news, we’re here to bring good news.

Welcome to the show, everything is about to start
Track Name: Free Falling Waltz
Here they give me no choice, they're just recommending that you waste half of your day inside. Could I get a little time?

I just want to be free falling like rain in the sky peacefully dancing by, I have but only one life

Goddamn this is just getting old

Mrs. Obvious can you guess? Is this my fault? Yes, business is all. I know no other way
Track Name: People of Mine
Shine on people of mine, I can see you laughing in the back of my mind
Why’d you happen to leave? Leave behind the lyrics of the ones who believed

Some people feel they’ve impressed me again, lift up your lids, youre just a kid

How can we find what we’ve found once before? Change up the day till you are gray

Bye bye, sit on a star, if you’re hearing me then you can see who you are
Dream Dream sit in your tree, light to find the music and the singing is me
Track Name: Some Company
I look at the eyes that make what would appear to be
A sea of people in a room all happy just to hear a tune

I open my mouth and say what I have seen
So if you like the sounds I make, then maybe you would let me stay

I would like to be, finally some company

Clapping along these people aren’t alone
And nobody would hesitate because the night is getting late
Track Name: Little Brother
I read out west that love was banned in a place so progressive it’s not so impressive to be taking away peoples license to love

Went to Sandusky with my gal, there we met a biker, an old white biker, he said if the south would’ve won I think we’d have it made

Sometimes I get stuck in my head and see the aging eye. Eyes that shine as bright as the sun, see things we’ll have in time

Children are waking up too soon, trade imagination for some occupation, we would let them all out but there’s nowhere to be
Track Name: Sky is Free
A baby's eye will learn to grow and see the truth I hope

The sky is blue and beautiful without all these gods

I’m free now

Goodbye to all and so it goes, No need to cry

Now the sky is free
Track Name: Helping the Sun
I laid into a broken man that’s needing some help
Went to a show that let me know I’m dying too fast

I was meant to do much more I’ve fallen awake
Friends will come and friends will laugh but never can stay

Man it’s getting heavy and I can’t hold to a dream I had when I was just a boy. The sun is getting chilly and it’s burning out but we can always light it up some more

The family I never see I’m missing you bad
Would you say that I’m a marionette?

Fire up the rockets
Track Name: Green Green Room
Laying in the ocean with a gun, planting every tree just for the sun
Running through the street but no one's home, sleeping on the moon and all alone

Now twenty-five and still alive and let me know what you can see

Wake in the morning to get overwhelmed by all the things that keep you from yourself I think I’ll drift into my green green room, I think you’d understand now

Is this making making anyone, find the end to see where you’ve begun?
Granny’s moving to a place to die, sitting on the fence to say goodbye

No one can ever live forever it’s all just a joke you see?
Track Name: Clockwork of the Universe
Kiss with your eye the bliss in the sky, giants of the heavens make it glow

So small we’re so small and yet we are all new from the passing of the old

Here in a world where people run all day time to slow down. I smile cause I never will quite understand, clockwork of the universe spins me again
Track Name: Pretty Panasonic Dear
Pretty Panasonic Dear drinking all the light that’s near
Swimming with your feet so low, can we hear the people grow?

Smile till you rust your teeth, listen till you find relief

Everyman’s a king somewhere, karma cradle rock me fair

Living invitation, soggy inspiration

Now you see everyone is everything they ought to be. Wait and see, every little word I say will follow me

Take a minute just to fly, living but we don’t ask why
Bury me to find some friends, painting apple fields with grins