by Kaleidico

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"Afro·brain is a journey, clocking in at 12 tracks and 50 minutes, but it is never dull. Each track exudes a sort of otherworldly eeriness akin to great works of ambient or trip hop music...It will bend and plant seeds in your mind, while also managing to be a very enjoyable listen as well. Music of this caliber is what makes up the lifeblood of a city like Louisville’s music scene."

"How do you describe the indescribable? This is the problem I find myself faced with every time I write about Kaleidico, a band that defies any and all ready comparisons...there is no doubt that every single sound that you hear, from the drums to the synth to the voice was and is at every turn scrutinized and carefully measured against the weight of the whole..."
-LEO Weekly

"It gives me the vibe of doggedly sludging through an icy, inhospitable land while on some sort of noble quest..."
-My Old Kentucky Blog

"Afrobrain builds on the magic and mystery of their previous work in a way that feels natural."


released January 26, 2017

Download includes lyric sheet

Mastered by Joe Lambert of JLM
Artwork by Emilio Villalba



all rights reserved


Kaleidico Louisville, Kentucky

Matt Moore
Evan Grulke
Justin Chodyniecki


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Track Name: Maes·tro’s Door
Spoken: My own little world. Create my own little world where I could be the one who had the complete control. Where I didn’t have to bow to anyone else's demands. I just took it way too far.
Track Name: Am·I·King?
I will make you mine
Fall on your knees
Am I king? 

Sing putty mouth
Keep in the dark for the king
Sweetness never could I let you get away

Is it alright when I give you what you need?
I could never let you leave cause you’d like it

Isn’t it nice? Is it serendipity?
Did it happen naturally? Could you like it?

Under the knife I can alter who you are
I can alter who you’ll be and you like it

You don’t know what you are
Eyes should show you

You don’t know where to start
I should show you
Track Name: Cache Mas·ter
I don’t know where all these thoughts arise from 
Where they disappear where do they go?  

If I could forgive all of the branding
Everything I could I would unknow

You are the work of your loudest surroundings
You are the eyes in your sensory garden

Ha Ha wouldn’t you know, you are not the maker then
Does this rob the people that you thought we were?

Ha Ha wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t want to listen then
Does this rob the people that we always were?
Track Name: The Dev·il's Itch
Gimme that smile
Gimme that vile
Gimme that crescendo

Gimme that high
Gimme that bye
Gimme that patient shaven satan

I dunno how but could we just see?

How do you find peace?  
How to define peace?

People can’t see what they’ve been sold
People stay free when they’re withholding, darling 

Gimme that story that you tell to your strangers but I know what’s inside
Maybe the devils in your skin with a secret
Easy they just believe but never is it really as it seems

Gimme that story that you sell to your family but I know what’s inside
Maybe some stories weren’t meant for you sharing
Sweeter it is this way
Track Name: If Mo·jo Come
The famished mind
The need to feed
Forgive the time
Forget the me

If mojo come my son where are you from?
Come reach for ether’s hand 

Send me an order now
I’ve come to let you out
Cause I’d just like you to be free
When dying for perfection
You're living for mistakes
You are the overseer
You make the makers make

But the people let the people live life
They'll cheer with broken bodies
They'll wink with sunken eyes 
All your time spent thinking on thinking on it 

Ain’t no body in the atmosphere
Suddenly they disappear 
You keep kind and I’ll never sleep
Track Name: Un·fail·ing Fam·ilia
What gives it that feel?

I am beside the family I admire most
The human droves they that come and go
You stay around 
And that’s just good enough for me

I don’t wanna leave but you knew I would
I don’t wanna leave

I know that you’ll leave but it’s been so good 
I knew that you’d leave
Track Name: Ma·zu·ma Man
Who is a rich man?  Who is a rich man?  
A growing Island

And now it's closing up you’re never given up
You gunna keep it all?

I see you made it
I know you hate it when they are hungry
But in the day to day when they are far away
You simply tune it out 

Is it just the money that you’re gunna chase?
You never miss a meal because you had a taste?

Your momma and your papa must of bubbled you up
But you never made it outside

You’ll die beside your kingdom  
Track Name: Nos·tal·gic Nook
Everything's connected in the golden age
Track Name: Es·cap·ee’s Si·ren
Free the victim in the childhood town
Future bending ending years clamped down
Just keep me honest
Yeah I’m sitting here but I feel so far away

You've seen the story of farewell
Long distance always goes to hell
I know

Good good tell ’em it’s fine
Everybody wait for your fate OK? 

Good good gimme what’s mine
Everybody wait for the date OK?

There goes the siren
I am the escapee
I don’t know what I’ll find but
Everybody know that I’ve got to see

Hidden the titan
That I can finally free
I don’t know what I’ll find but
Everybody wake with a quake OK?
Track Name: Mam·moth Mur·murs
You may never hear the door, but it’s gunna keep knocking

I don’t know what you have done with
Someone I had known

With a silent intuition
Always yeah and a no

And year after year you had claimed it was still you’re moving
So now when you speak will you cover your ears just to mute it?
And now can you tell they can sell the allure of inclusion
But what good is done when you’re lost in a state of confusion
Track Name: Cor·tex Crum·bler
I realize a little

It’s not over 
Hear me touch me where’s me?
The boat tipped over 
and that water just won’t quit

Memories they’re lazy
God damn brain won’t keep them in

Look at me
Am I crumbling?
Silently it’s begun 

Come to me like I tell you 
Come to me with no voice

Give it a while and your smiles gunna help you hide away
Give it a while and your smiles gunna keep you home

You took my face now I am the stranger
I crumble cause to live is to remember
Just take the money it was never enough
Who is this that I was? Who is this I’ve become? 

I don’t understand how but you must just let go
Of the sweetest memories you had had

I’m sinking in the body of a former me
This shouldn’t be the way that you remember me
Use the eyes you saw with long ago 

I didn’t mean to make it out of my mind
but I am cause it eats at my head

Comin for you
Track Name: Maes·tro's Sha·man
Veer me off of the street
Weary eyes from the reign of the mundane
Pussyfoot out of hell
And everything is gunna change for the moment

Forgive your inner speak for now I am your mantra
Call quick your psyches sick lay down for your healer.

Just disappear while I take you home
It’s easier to rule with what you know
You never knew you had it till you don't

I always want but I never need
Till you arrive

Crown the clock king
Extending the tick for me
Suspending the the talk in me then 
Meander me out somewhere

There’s no one here but I
Maestro I’m by your side
I’m sprouting in your mind

Though I could never walk the ground 
I’m here while you’re around
I’m breathing with you now

And when it’s done you’ll know to rest
To rest your eyes

Within an end’s a quiet start
To figure out